Little River Country Bumpkin Giant Pumpkin Festival

I am always excited to get to a pumpkin event I haven’t been to before and with more events cropping up all over the place every year, there is always something new to check out. I realised that my trip down to Christchurch also co incided with the Little River Country Bumpkin Giant Pumpkin Festival, try saying that name fast 10 times.


What I thought of the event

Little River is a really cool place south of Christchurch on the road that leads to Akaroa and their event, in my opinion, is a great showcase of a what a great community event is. There were a lot of people, the money raised helps support the local school, the local volunteer firefighters were there helping and I’m sure a lot of parents and PTA members were very involved with it also.

IMG_1269 IMG_1260 IMG_1401

The heaviest pumpkin on the day was 163kg’s, and I spotted some in a trailer in the car park that hadn’t made it into the event, maybe they got held up and missed the deadline for weighing in, with so many people and a lot of hot rods making an appearance, there was bound to be some congestion.

IMG_1398 IMG_1451 IMG_1412

More Info About the Event

So if you are in the area make sure to check it out, their website is:

For all the photos check out the photos page, or you can also check them out on the Facebook page, make sure to like, share and comment on the ones you like.

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