Kumeu, Tamahere and Tatuanui 2018 + Episode 12 of the Vlog

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, firstly with ringing and organising people and items needed for The Great Pumpkin Carnival which has been good.

Weigh Offs Have Started

It’s also been good to get out and about and check out the Kumeu A&P Show 2018 and the Tamahere School Pumpkin Night 2018

We also managed to go and check out the Brickman Lego exhibition that was on recently here in town, I was going to put this into the vlog, but then decided against it as I had so much pumpkin footage this week so you’ll just have to stare at some photos.

After getting back from Kumeu and Tatuanui wouldn’t you know it, I started to have a sore throat which I thought might have been from talking a lot, nope, turns out I have a cold and the next day felt terrible, so hopefully it passes fast as I need to be feeling great for the upcoming travels and the Carnival.

And… I forgot all about the Tatuanui School Harvest Festival and actually got reminded when I saw a Facebook post I had scheduled weeks ago that said I was going, so I went and checked that out as well.

Here is episode 12 of the Vlog, I’ve been working hard to creating better content for you, so enjoy.




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