Kumeu A&P Show Orange Giant Pumpkin

Kumeu A&P Show 2020

I was lucky enough to head up to the Kumeu A&P show on Saturday to check out their giant pumpkin competition.

With it being an A&P show there was a lot to see apart from the pumpkins. It was the 98th year of the show and I read somewhere that it is one of if not the biggest A&P show in the North Island.


In my head there were a lot less pumpkins than last year, but when I looked at photos from last year the difference wasn’t as big as I remembered.

Spencer Roff walked away with the winners certificate and prize money with his 262kg pumpkin. This was an awesome result.

Catching up with People

These events are always great to meet new people or say hi to people I’ve met before.

I caught up with Willie from Kiwi Blade who I first met at last years event. He’s busy creating awesome looking knives.

If your after a unique gift, or a knife for a specific purpose make sure to check out Kiwi Blade.

I met Stephen from Grabit this year, I’d see the truck previous years but this was the first time we caught up. Not only was he making a hamburger with his truck. It turns out he has grown giants for years back in the day.

Was great hearing the stories he had of what the local growers had gotten up to over the years.

And of course the people organising the pumpkin weigh off area, was good to see them. I also managed to talk to some other people about pumpkins, and had an interesting talk with Jiggles the clown.

Talking to people who are passionate about what they do is always a great experience, you learn a lot.

My top tip, whatever your passionate about make sure to talk about that.


I took a lot more photos this year of different aspects of the event. My aim was to capture all the different parts even if they weren’t pumpkin related.

All the photos can be found here.

And I’m currently editing the video I shot on the day, so expect that out within the week or so.

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