Downhill Pumpkin Rolling - Pumpkin Exploding as it rolls down a hill

Great Pumpkin Carnival Hamilton Gardens 2012

Well another season is down, and another Great Pumpkin Carnival was held in Hamilton this year, it was a great event with a lot of people coming down to check it out.

A big thank you to everyone who helped put it together, entered something or just came down to have a look.  The heaviest pumpkin was 290kg grown by Tim.

Here is the video of the day, with highlights from the day, including an interview I did with Tim, and plenty of footage of everybodys favourite, the downhill rolling.  Big thanks to Tara for taking photos for me, and Ken for filming the pumpkin rolling as I was up top organising it.

This is the longest video I have put together with it being over 15 mins in length, Youtube took forever to upload it, so instead of being up last night, I had to do it today.  If you really must skip ahead, pumpkin rolling happens from around the 7min mark.

Photos will be added later in the week.

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11 years ago

Looked a lot of fun ;0)

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