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GPC Common Ground Spring 2020 Edition

The spring edition of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth newsletter is out now.

This is the best newsletter you can get about giant pumpkin growing for FREE.  If you aren’t already signed up for it, head on over to the GPC Website and sign up today.

In this post I break down what you can find in the newsletter, it is a brief overview as I can’t do all the information contained within it proper justice.  Go sign up now.

This edition comes in at a whopping 35 pages long. Ideal to pass the time if you are currently in isolation.

Big shout out to the GPC and Cindy for putting together another great edition of this newsletter.

What you can find Inside

  • The GPC 2020 International Growers Convention held in Las Vegas.
  • 2020 Great Pumpkin Commonwealth Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Southern growers meeting overview
  • Chris Brown’s Story

There are useful nuggets of information spread out this newsletter. Especially around the best growers in the world and what they have done and the amount they put into giant pumpkin growing to get the great results.

A great overview of the convention and what happens at one.

If your new to giant pumpkin growing and want to see what it’s like at the top level, get your hands on a copy of this edition of the newsletter. You’ll see just how big this giant pumpkin growing hobby / sport is.

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