Piet Lotz Standing next to his 860kg record Pumpkin

New South African Giant Pumpkin Record 2020

Big shout out to Piet Lotz who broke the South African giant pumpkin record on 27th of March 2020 with a 860kg pumpkin.

In the process of claiming the heaviest pumpkin in South African history, it is also now the heaviest pumpkin int he Southern Hemisphere, surpassing the 808kg weight achieved by Tim Harris here in NZ in 2018.

A great achievement and from the photos and video I saw online (lots of great footage on Instagram) there were a lot of really big giant pumpkins across the board.

It looks like South Africa is a country to watch over the coming years as they climb towards a pumpkin over 1 tonne.  Here’s some video of the weigh off I found.

And the event Facebook page can be FOUND HERE

I think we need to step up our giant pumpkin growing game here in NZ.

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