Hey everyone, the GPC Summer Newsletter for 2020 is out now.

In this blog post I am going to break down what you can find in this latest edition.

What’s in the GPC Common Ground Summer 2020 Newsletter

  • Yellow pumpkin leaves. Could it just be genetics?
  • Growing the 2261 Schmit
  • A solution to foaming stumps
  • Chris Lyons 2020 GVGVO Hall of Fame Inductee
  • New GPC Master Gardener System
  • Mike Schmit – Featured Growers Chat

Here’s a break down of the content:

The yellow leaf questions comes up every year, and in this article it discusses how it might just be genetic and not as much of a big deal as it seems, especially early on in the season.

What did it take to grow the 2261 Schmit, and just what was it like growing on scales throughout the whole season? Find out, and find some tips on what to do if you are thinking of growing on scales.

A brief overview of how to deal with foaming stumps, something to think about if it happens to you.

An article about Chris Lyons and his induction into the GVGO hall of fame. What does it take to stand out? And just how far does he travel to tend to his pumpkins? Check out the article to find out.

There is a new GPC master gardener system out, which allows for more even scoring across the different fruit classes. Interesting idea, and will be keeping an eye on that in the future.

And finally there is 6 pages of great content with a growers chat with Mike Schmit. Great questions from other growers with good answers. I have to admit I’ve only just skimmed this as I write this. I need to sit down and work my way through it.

In Conclusion

Writing a newsletter can be hard, but the GPC have put together another great edition, with lots of informative content. Things to think about, and just another great edition with something for everybody I think, if you aren’t getting this delivered to your inbox, sort it out.