How will COVID-19 affect giant pumpkin growers?

How Could COVID-19 Change Giant Pumpkin Growing?

Firstly I hope you and everyone you know is well during these uncertain times.

Will this global pandemic change giant pumpkin growing in any way? To be honest I’m not sure. But in this blog post I’m going to cover some things that could be affected.

Let me know of any other things that might change due to the COVID-19 situation by leaving a comment below.

A Lot of Unknowns with COVID-19

This whole situation has a lot of unknown elements, how long with it last for? Will there be a vaccine anytime soon, could something else happen?

So the first thing is to just roll with whatever happens. be fluid and open to changes and being adaptive to any situation.

Priorities Change

Giant pumpkin growing might not be on the minds of some people now. It might get relegated as something to do when things are better. This could mean less growers this season.

Good Isolation Project

The good thing is the basics of growing a giant pumpkin means you can do it by yourself or the people you are closest with. Here in NZ, we’re all about sticking within our bubble currently.

Might be Hard to Get Things due to COVID-19

Will previous testing laboratories still be doing normal tests? Or will they have shifted their focus to testing for COVID-19?

I’m not sure, but I would expect some sort of disruption around this service in some parts of the world.

If your area goes into a complete lockdown situation like we are currently in here in NZ. You won’t be able to pick up supplies. And the only things you’ll be able to get delivered are essential items.

You may need to make do with what you already have on hand.

Limited Interaction with Others

This is a wide ranging problem from growing clubs to weigh offs.

Plans may need to be drafted up if this is the case.

What would you do if you couldn’t have a proper weigh off? How would you keep things fair for competitors both at a single event, or across events in different locations?

More online things might be the way to go. Using some of the newer technology that is available.

Sudden Deaths

Is the world of Giant Pumpkin growing ready for a death of a well known grower?

There are a lot of well known people out there, getting on in age. This whole situation can be bad for older people and especially those with other health problems.

It could happen, and a lot of potential knowledge could go.

In the End

I think it’s fair to say this whole situation is touching everyone in some way.

How much it will affect the Giant Pumpkin growing community is a complete unknown. The same can be said for a lot of different day to day things.

But whatever happens I am sure we will adapt when needed, work together for a solution, and come through the other side.

With all of this going on, it makes the waiting until we can grow here in NZ feels just a bit longer.

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