GPC 2021 Virtual Awards Presentation Info

Awards Presentation Moves Online

The GPC (Great Pumpkin Commonwealth) made the decision to make the awards presentation an online affair this year. With COVID causing so many problems and wanting people to stay safe, this was a great call.

The use of technology makes this event a lot more accessible to people from all around the world. And while an in person event can lead to networking and meeting people you know online. I have heard in the past mixed reports on if it was worth it.

Dates and Times

The event starts on Feb 19th Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is a Friday, with the bulk of the event happening the following day Feb 20th EST.

I’ve put together an agenda which shows the EST time and what that means for us here in New Zealand.

You can open a PDF version of it by Clicking Here

Where to Watch It?

It sounds like there might be an interactive component to the event, where you might need to register or sign up? I did see somewhere a mention of zoom, but details are still to come out.

For a live stream and to keep up to date with the latest information, make sure to check out the GPC website or the GPC Facebook Page

Hope it Goes Well

Some of the times seems a bit tight, so hopefully they get to stick to their schedule. I also know how tech things can sometimes go wrong at the worst times, so hopefully they have everything tested and ready to go by the kick off date.

Hopefully they do more of these streaming type events in the future. The technology is there, it’s cost effective and it helps broaden their reach and get more people involved.

Will you be checking out the event? Let me know in the comments.

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