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Getting Ready for Growing in October

It’s the middle of September and I need to start sorting out stuff for October. Because before I know it, it will be pumpkin growing time and I will be rushing around tryng to sort things out.

Daylight savings here in NZ happens on the 30th of September and we put our clocks forward. It feels like that could happen right now, it is so light in the mornings now, you can almost smell the pumpkin plants growing.

Growing time

I’m going to start later than I usually do. As a general rule of thumb I tell people Labour Day weekend (Oct 20th -21st) is the time to either start seeds or get seedlings into the ground. It all depends on what event you are growing for.

I know Tim will be starting his a bit earlier as he needs to get his into the ground into his amazing raised patch as soon as possible. As his quest for even bigger pumpkins continues.

Calendar Pages and Clock

This year I have put my hand up to help out with the school camp. We will be heading off to Wellington for a week, and I won’t be back until the 2nd of November. I could in theory start some early, and get them in before I go, but I don’t trust my flatmates to check on it and there could still be cold nights.

So I will be starting later, as soon as I get back from the school camp. After checking last years notes, it’s not too different to when I actually got seeds started and transplanted due to some failures last year.

Buy all the stuff

I need to get a bunch of things, some items are important and some are not. It’s always nice to get new things, here is the list:

Plastic pots for seedlings I am always misplacing these and always need more. I’ll also be getting some bigger pots to grow miniatures in. I’m trying a different location with those as last years didn’t work out as well as I had planned.

.75l Plastic Pot Interworld - Bunnings

Seed raising mix please get this and don’t use dirt from outside. This product has what your seeds need for the best start to the season.

Natures Way Organic Seed Raising Mix 15L

Bags of compost for the Tiny Patch, I’m going to go with the Kolush Manuka Mulch and Seaweed based one this year. Who I had met at Fieldays.

Copying an idea I saw from a grower named Becs I will be getting other bags of compost to “bury” the vines in as most of the area I grow in actually concrete. I’m weighing up the benefits of cheap bags vs more dearer product. Also if keeping them in the original bag is overkill, or if I can put them into something smaller and be more cost effective.

More compost to put into the pots for the miniatures, I’m undecided on what type to use for those at the moment.

LED Grow Light I’m keen to get my hands on one of these to see how it goes with the seedlings and share my very non scientific findings with you.

LED Grow Light Bestva

The general idea is that is provides more wavelengths of light that the plant requires to allow it to grow faster better stronger.

New Irrigation Parts I’ll need to get a few bits and pieces again to fix up the watering setup around here. From micro irrigation parts to changing out a lot of my hose fittings from plastic to brass.

Full Circle Micro Irrigation Sprinkler

Brass 12mm Hose Fitting

No matter how much they say a plastic fitting will last, I find them giving up over time so will get brass fittings and see how they go.

What about you?

What items are you getting for your giant pumpkin growing journey this year? Let me know by leaving a comment, I’d love to hear what you are up to.

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