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Get Ready for Giant Pumpkin Seed Auctions

How’s everyone doing? Hopefully, your season is going well so far.

If you’re new to giant pumpkin growing or just forgetful now is the time to break open the piggy banks and get ready for the upcoming seed auctions.

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What are seed auctions?

Seed auctions are auctions that sell off the best giant pumpkin seeds (plus watermelon, tomato and others) you can get. And they have started and will run through until early 2017.

Who runs these auctions?

Auctions are run by the many various growing clubs that are out there, the seeds are usually donated to the clubs, and the money made from the seed is put back into the club to help fund them.

Where do I go for these seed auctions?

The seed auctions are held within the chat rooms or message boards over at They have a schedule of upcoming auctions which can be viewed right here and you can check out the seed auction message board thread here.

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Things to sort out

  • Do your homework, find out what seed/s you are keen to get your hands on and check how many auctions have those seeds.
  • Check to see what auctions accept PayPal as payment. Not all auctions make it easy for overseas buyers
  • Work out the time difference, mark down which auctions you are able to attend
  • Have a budget, make a plan on what the maximum is you are willing to spend.

Postage of seeds

If you’ve been keeping up with the news you should know that you can’t get seeds sent to NZ without a Phyto certificate. The process to get one of those is to get your seeds to Eddy in Canada. If your unsure of how to do that get in touch. I will have an online form ready soon that you can fill in that goes to Eddy and explains the whole process.


While it is very early in our season, now is the best time to get your hands on some of the best giant pumpkins seeds in the world. If your keen to grow the biggest giant pumpkin you can make sure to check out the auctions, even if just to check out the process and see people pay top dollar for a seed.

Record Price paid for Giant Pumpkin Seed
The £1,250 seed bought by seed company Thompson & Morgan. The seed came from Beni Meier’s 2014 2323lb pumpkin


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