Pea Straw Bag

Pea Straw Added + Some Fert

This is an update from 2 days ago.  Before that, I was back from Christchurch, try and plan your visits to avoid earthquakes as they are never fun, although I did think someone was rocking the bed for most of it and it took a while for me to realise what was going on.  I’ve also managed to catch a cold which I am putting down to being inside an airplane, so the brain is only just starting to come right now.

The Seedling Survived

The seedling survived me being away, and hopefully, it is putting out a lot of roots and will start taking off soon.

Seedling Growth

But at the back of the patch was a lot of sand/sediment which I am assuming has been brought up by the water from the weeping hose that is buried in the patch.

Sediment on top of Patch

The sand is not very deep and right underneath it is soil, it’s just interesting it was there.

Pea Straw and some Fert

Pea Straw Bag Closeup

One of the benefits of such a small area is I don’t need large quantities of anything so this bag of pea straw with lucerne is plenty.  It will help suppress weeds and to help retain the moisture in the soil.

Pea Straw Around Seedling

The colours in this photo are a bit out of whack, but it wasn’t until I uploaded them I realised one of the settings on the camera was set strangely, hopefully, future pictures are a bit better.

Added some Fert

The plant looked a little bit patchy in the colour of it, and I think it could have been a more uniform green colour all over, Nitrogen at this early stage is great for plant growth and leaf development.  I am taking a stab in the dark due to not having a soil test for such a small area.

I went with the Nitro Blue plant food, it is also called Nitrophoska Blue as well.  It is an NPK fert with levels of N12, P5, K14 which probably is a bit more mixed than a lot of people would like to use, but the other thing it has going for it is it is cheap.  So something is better than nothing.

Nitro Blue Fertiliser Bag

Nito Blue In Plastic Bag

And from experience I have learnt how valuable large zip lock bags are.  They are the best way to contain the fertiliser, last time I used this many years ago I accidently spilt the packet and took me ages to pick up all the blue bits.  So if you are reading this and you make Nitro Blue, maybe make a resealable packet.

And earlier this morning The Breeze radio station came around to say hi, when I went down and checked on the patch I see that it was flooding a bit, so I am going to adjust the water timer as it appears too much water has been applied to the patch.

Hope all is well with your plants as we head into this very hot weather.

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