Top Ten Giant Pumpkin Websites to check out

With many people using the internet for research and a way to stay in touch with different people, here is my list of the top ten giant pumpkin websites to check out.

    If you don’t know who Howard Dill is, well you should.  He is the man that pioneered the giant pumpkin growing scene, by introducing to the world the Atlantic Giant seed, from which all giant pumpkins are grown from.  Although Howard Dill is no longer with us, his family is still heavily involved with giant pumpkins, you can see what they do on the website.
    This is the the big one in giant pumpkin growing circles.  This is the site to check out for information from the USA and the world, as well as making contact with people.  The site has many features and things to check out, like:

    • Message board – with a lot of information, and many people to help with any questions you may have
    • Chat room – A place to talk to other growers
    • Growers Diaries – A place where you can post your own photos and growing diaries, and check out others as well

    There is a HEAP of stuff to check out on this website, and it’s all free.  Just sign up.

    This is the governing body for giant pumpkin growing competitions in the world.  While we aren’t at that standard yet, it is good to check out the rules and regulations other parts of the world are using.
    This is a good little website of knowledge, plus links to other interesting pumpkin things to see
    Check out the Utah giant pumpkin growers website and Facebook page, lots of great information and regular updates throughout the season.
    Another great growing club, check out their website for more infomation.
    This website has been set up for the growers in the state of Maine in the US, what it has is a lot of information and another way to contact growers, they have a chat room, and message board.  Not as big as but a worthwhile addition to this list.
    If you need a product for giant pumpkins, or want to know what world class growers are using check out this site.  Joel is always happy to answer questions you may have.
    More great articles on this growing club site.
  10. This is Jamie’s site, The Pumpkin Man, he updates throughout the season with what he is up and is an interesting read.

So there we have it, the Top Ten Giant Pumpkin websites currently out there today, if there are any others I have missed out, or that you think should be mentioned please let me know, either by the contact page, or by leaving a comment below.  I will review this list on a regular basis.


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