Over view of Fieldays 2016

Checking out fieldays

I was lucky enough to check out fieldays today, if you’ve never been before it is renowned as the premier agribusiness event in New Zealand and one of the top farming expos in the world. This years event was the 44th time it had been held.

Lots of walking, and navigating the crowd is a bit part of the day


Crowds at fieldays

Who I said hi to

I managed to have a chat to the following companies about various things related to giant pumpkin growing:





Hill Laboratories

And a thank you to them for taking the time to talk to me, who on the grand scale of everything is a very small fish compared to some of the farmers they have to deal with on a day to day basis.

The question they all asked me

The question I got asked by everyone was “how do you make money from this”

And the answer is, I don’t.

When you are passionate about something, no matter what you do, money is never at the top of the list of why you do it, sure it would be nice to make money one day possibly, but giant pumpkin growing is something I like doing, and is why I have this website. I have a day to day job for the money side of it.

So what did I learn today

The general theme from everyone, is what I have read before, and is my train of thinking currently. You need to make sure that the soil is the best that it can be, working for you and whatever you are growing.

So after a lot of walking and looking at things, I am now shattered.


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