What is The Best Seed to Grow a Giant Pumpkin?

Want to know what the best seed is to grow a giant pumpkin? Well your in luck, this post will tell you that, and give you some of the history behind how this seed that everyone grows came about.

The Best Seed to Grow a Giant Pumpkin is…

Atlantic Giant

This is the seed you want. Anything else might give you a nice looking pumpkin, but probably won’t grow very big.

Where did this seed come from?

A Canadian grower by the name of Howard Dill bred this seed. After many years of crossing it with other seeds, he got the traits he was after. In the early 80’s he applied for variety protection and named it: “Dill’s Atlantic Giant”

The name was to honor the origins of the province of Nova Scotia Canada which is situated near the Atlantic seacoast.

Howard Dill passed away in 2008. The family still carry on the pumpkin tradition and sell seeds from their site. (Linked to on the seed page mentioned below)

Why do giant pumpkins look different?

It’s the same as people, it all comes down to genetics. Pumpkins are no different. Crossing different pumpkins to get the traits you want is how giant pumpkins have evolved.

From bright orange, to the largest pumpkin ever grown.

What do the numbers mean?

The numbers you will see on a seed packet of will tell you some of the history of that seed.

They will state the pumpkins weight they came out of, the growers name and the year that pumpkin was grown.

You might also have some other numbers and names, these will be the parents of that pumpkin. To find out more head here:

How to Look up the History of a Seed

If you are wanting the history of where your seed came or to see how it performed check out these 2 ways:

Pumpkin Fanatic Tool

Punch in the weight or name of the pumpkin your seed came from. See what comes up. See what other people have been able to grow with that seed.

What Happens if I Don’t Know Where my Seed Originated From?

You will need to grow them and see how they turn out, don’t get too caught up on not knowing if this is your first time growing.

What will be the next big seed?

No one really knows, but growers are always on the lookout for the best performing seed every season. These seeds can then be grow to see if they produce similar results, or cross with other great seeds to try and produce even better offspring.

I’m sure there are seed combinations that have not been grown that could have produced great results.

That is the great thing about this hobby is that it can be different for everyone, and experimenting might mean you will have the next big seed everyone wants.

Where to Get Giant Pumpkin Seeds From

I cover where to get giant pumpkin seeds from plus more seed information on this page

What to Do Now?

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, keep an eye out on what people have grown, what looks good to you, and if you are able to get any of these seeds.

For the Southern Hemisphere growers, work out if you are growing for the 2021 season, and work out how much you want to spend on the season, from seeds to products. Get ready for it.

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