Top 3 Things You Need to Grow a Giant Pumpkin

We are about 2 months away from the pumpkin growing season here in NZ. Are you ready?

In this post I cover the 3 things you MUST HAVE to grow a giant pumpkin. Plus a couple more things that are nice to have as well.

This list is great for first time growers, and also timely reminders for experienced growers.

The Number 1 Thing you Must Have to Grow a Giant Pumpkin


I know everyone knows this. But not everyone knows you need the RIGHT seed.

There are many different types of pumpkins out there, but there is only one type that grows the biggest pumpkins around.

Atlantic Giant

I discuss seeds in more depth here. Make sure to have the right seed. The best you can get your hands on, and you are starting your season the correct way.

The Number 2 Thing you Must Have to Grow a Giant Pumpkin


Another no brainer. But the better the soil, the better the growing conditions for your pumpkin = better results.

Lots of things to think about here, depending on how far you want to go. Put simply, you want good organic matter in your soil. Rich, nutrient dense soil is great.

More on soil can be found right here.

The Number 3 Thing you Must Have to Grow a Giant Pumpkin


Lawn sprinkler watering green lawn

The better way to think about this is access to water. You can grow a giant pumpkin in a small area, you can grow a giant pumpkin with not much water.

But for best results, you need lots of water. Giant pumpkins are thirsty plants and to put on the weight you need to make sure they get the water they need.

If you can’t provide a lot of water, don’t let this put you off growing a giant.

Being consistent with a small amount of water over the whole growing season is better than not being consistent with large amounts.

More on watering can be found here.

Were you Expecting Something Else?

Do these 3 items surprise you? Leave you a bit deflated? Did you think there was some secret (like milk?)


All simple basic stuff. So simple in fact, people sometimes don’t realise a giant pumpkin can grow from a seed so small.

Getting these basics right, can really up your giant pumpkin growing game. From there, you can improve on many different areas.

Here’s some other thing you might want to sort out before the season kicks off:

  • Early protection cover
  • Fertiliser
  • Disease / pest management products
  • A plan for vine layout

This is one of the reasons I like growing giant pumpkins so much. Every season can be so very different. Trying new things, improving your techniques and methods.

Giant pumpkin growing can be a very rewarding hobby. Which can translate into growing other things in the garden.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming season?

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1 year ago

We are to take place in a Giant pumpkin Growing Competition Here at Coleambally in the Riverina in Australia.
I invite support in supply and selection of a satisfactory pumpkin Family to accept a seed from.
I have absorbed the fact that Atlantic Giant Variety is what is required! what we require is a seed with the Growth and Performance offered by a seed with the required heritage.
Selection assistance and explanation and supply are requested.
Please assist if this note invite Interest.
Thank You
John Gorman.

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