Seeds all Sanded Ready for Soaking

Seed Starting Time for the 2017 Giant Pumpkin Season

It’s exciting to see people getting their seeds started, and just thinking about the potential in these seeds and what we will see next year at weigh off.  I must be getting excited about this season as I’ve already started dreaming about pumpkins, and the vines on the plant.

Giant Pumpkin Seed Starting

If you are new to growing giant pumpkins, it is best practice to help them out.  It gives them the best chance at germinating, to find out more about giant pumpkin seed starting, make sure to check out the seed starting part of the website.

Seed Selection

If you’ve been keeping up with what I’ve been up to, you’ll know I’m growing in  a really small area, so while I have no real plan in regards to seed selection these are the ones I had on hand.

Seeds I'm Starting for 2016 Giant Pumpkin Season

I like the idea of growing something nice and orange this season so will be starting off with the 959 Northrup seed.  I filed all the seeds at the same time, but the other two (1870 Lieber, and 1650 Werner) will be back ups.

Seeds all Sanded Ready for Soaking

I soaked my seed for around 2 hours in a mixture of liquid seaweed/fish fert.

959 Northrup Giant Pumpkin Seed Soaking

Seed Soaking Container for Giant Pumpkins

Then it was put into it’ plastic bag then into my germination box.  If all goes well the seed should “pop” and a root should emerge within the next 24 or so hours.

Giant Pumpkin Germination Box

Giant Pumpkin Germination Starting for 2016

So that’s what today’s plan was, hopefully, there will be no issues with the seeds.  Sometimes even with the best conditions and plans, the seeds may not want to grow.

Hope your seed starting is going well whatever you are growing.  Leave a comment below on what you are planning to grow this season.

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