Planting Miniatures in December

Only 4 more days until Christmas. Where has the time gone, and I hope you are more prepared than I have been.  I decided that while I’m not growing a giant pumpkin this year, I do need to get some more miniatures in the ground.

I currently had 3 leftover ones transplanted into the tiny patch. With miniatures so easy to grow direct from seed I roped in some help from the teenagers and we planted a lot more.

From snowball white variety to the baby orange type to jack o lantern we got a lot planted.

Sometimes Hard to Get Good Help

It’s great seeing kids grow up into their own little functioning human beings. There is a big change from when they are little and can help you do things . To now when they sort of only do a half assed job.

This was the case with removing some weeds. Not the most fun job around.

Until I pulled out the weedo and we got the dirt flying.

All Over the Place

I let them pick whatever ones they wanted, and plant them anywhere. So both sides of the house, and out the front have miniatures. How many will grow? Who knows.

That’s part of the fun.

Watering the Rejects

Some of the giants I had thrown out that were leftover and not sold, are in a pile on the other side of the house.  A sort of compost pile if you will.  Some of them still look sorta OK.  I’m not sure if they will actually grow or not?  But I gave them a water to see what will happen.

How’s Your Plants Growing?

This weather has been super warm and humid already this side of Christmas, so we can expect it to be warm the other side.

Make sure you water consistently if you can. And if you don’t already have a product to help combat powdery mildew and the like get that now. Preventative spraying can help prolong your season and keep your pumpkin growing.

I probably won’t be squeezing in another blog post this year.

Have a save Christmas period out there, and have fun whatever you are up to.

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