Aarons 732.5kg pumpkin

New NZ Record 732.5 Kg’s Aaron Akkerman

9 hours worth of driving, 780km’s of road traveled today and myself, Tim and Tim’s son Alex went and checked out what was happening down in Marton at the Rangitikei District Monitor annual giant pumpkin competition.

The weigh in usually occurs at the Marton Harvest festival which is on tomorrow, but the weigh in was on today for a change, and we had heard big things about a young grower by the name of Aaron.  He had a giant pumpkin and it was a bit ugly.

3 pumpkins turned up for the weigh in, with more expected tomorrow for the other classes.  With a possible bit of confusion thrown in the mix.

New NZ record

We made it in time to see Aarons pumpkin being weighed in at Gallaghers in Marton on their industrial sized scales, with a new NZ record weighing pumpkin coming in at 732.5 kg’s

Aarons 732.5kg pumpkin
Aaron’s 732.5kg pumpkin.


Marton 201511

2nd place went to Aarons dad Stephen with a 464kg pumpkin

Marton 201525
464kg 2nd place pumpkin

3rd place went to Tash with a 34.6kg Pumpkin

Marton 201544

After the weigh in we were invited by Aaron to check out his pumpkin patch and have some lunch.

Awesome day, big thanks to Aaron and his great family for all the hospitality they showed us today, I’m super tired right now and better sleep.

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