Notebook for a giant pumpkin grower to plan their season

What to do Now if Your a Giant Pumpkin Grower

This is always an interesting time of the year. Why you may ask?

Well depending on where you live in the world. Your pumpkin season has either started (or is about to start), or it has ended.

And it’s the perfect time to do some planning, self reflection and work out future giant pumpkin plans.

Things to think about if your a giant pumpkin grower

In this post I’ll give you some ideas to think about no matter what stage of the giant pumpkin growing cycle you are in.

End of Season for a Giant Pumpkin Grower

I’m starting with the end, because the season has ended here in NZ and for the Southern Hemisphere.

Tidy up your Patch
Now is the time to tidy your patch. Get rid of the vines, pumpkins if you still have some hanging around. Think about if you are going to grow a cover crop during the off season.

mustard field

There are many benefits to growing a cover crop

Take Stock of What you have on Hand
From seeds to products, what do you already have? What worked well during the season, and what do you need more of?

Write this stuff down. It’s easy to forget stuff.

Notebook Image

What Areas do you Want to Improve In?
It’s easy to say you want a bigger giant pumpkin, everyone does.

But what areas held you back the most?

Maybe you don’t know. This is the time to track down someone with more knowledge and ask them some questions.

Start of Season for a Giant Pumpkin Grower

If your reading this and it’s the start of your season, lucky you.

* Tidy up Your Patch*
Is your pumpkin patch looking good? Getting rid of any weeds should be on your to do list.

You might have a bare patch of ground, or you may need to cut and dig in your cover patch.

Work out Your Growing Time*
What event are you growing for? When does the weather become more favorable?

All of this is important so you know when to start your seeds.

Start Your Seeds
Make sure to have back ups ready to go as well, days lost early in your season = potential days of pumpkin growth lost.

Have Early Protection Organised
Have cold frames, hoops or something ready for when your seedlings are ready to be transplanted.

You want to get the balance of getting them into the ground as soon as possible, without too much shock to the seedling.

Are You Excited?

No matter if you are at the start or end of your season, are you excited?

Let me know in the comments below.

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