Piles of old compost bags

Hanging out for Pumpkin Growing

It’s cold and dreary out there.

It’s that time of the year when you want to grow some pumpkins but can’t.

June is almost here and I’m sitting here wondering where the time has gone.

Wild mint growing as a weed

This part of the year is always a bit blah, due to the weather and it being the off season for pumpkins here. I always find myself not as focused as I should or want to be. I’m always in awe of people that are pumping out content every day.

The great thing is of course, all the Northern Hemisphere growers are posting about their giant pumpkin season which is well under way.

It always blows me away with some of the conditions some growers have to start with each season.

I’ve tidied up the Tiny Patch and need to wait for a fine day to destroy all the grass and weeds that are growing out there at the moment and cover with the black polythene.

Thistle weed in the garden


Fieldays is coming up again in June, the largest agricultural event in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s an epic event with so much to see. I’ve managed to get a media pass for this year, so should be there for all 4 days.

I’m looking forward to catching up with people I’ve met before, and finding new companies or products that look interesting.

Videos on FB

I’ve challenged myself to shoot some video during this period and have it up on the GPNZ Facebook page. These videos will consist of me looking at interesting things on BigPumpkins.com.

The idea behind this is to keep on top of all the great posts on the message board as well as in the growers diaries, and to keep my finger in the video editing, as I don’t do it all the time and I forget how to do some things.

And to be honest, it’s been hard. Hard to carve out some time, and while I like to think I have been busy, distracted is a better term.

It’s time to push ahead and keep updating and fixing things.

Piles of old compost bags

What about you?

If you are growing how is your season going so far?

If your not growing, do you think about giant pumpkins in the off season? Or do you have something else that fills in your time? I’d love to know, so feel free to leave a comment below, or hit me up on Facebook.


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