Giant hot dog, saucing itself - Fieldays 2016

Fieldays 2016

Fieldays 2016 is almost over and done with, I went along on Wednesday to check it out amongst the crowds of people.

It is a massive event, with so many people checking it out it almost gets a bit crazy.  The benefit of having an event so big is that there are so many different suppliers all in one spot, and you don’t have to be a farmer to get something out of it.

Fieldays 2016 5

I went along on Wednesday, which turned out well for the weather, traffic and amount of people out and about.

Fieldays 2016

I spoke to the team at AgriFert which is always great.

Fieldays 2016

As for other vendors, well it all depends on what you are after and wanting to look at.  For me, I didn’t come across anything new or amazing that I think would have been great for giant pumpkin growers.  If you went and saw something new and awesome let me know in the comments below. 

Fieldays 2016

And if you can’t make it to fieldays, then check out their website.  Why you may be asking, well they have a big directory of exhibitors and what industry they are in, it can give you leads on people to talk to about products or ideas to think about, either to do with pumpkins or just everyday things.

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