Giant Pumpkin Seed Selection Time

Giant Pumpkin Seed Selection Time

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It’s about a month, give or take a couple of days until the giant pumpkin growing season starts here in NZ.

In this post I’m covering what I’m thinking of growing this season, and what you need to do if you want to up your giant pumpkin growing game this early in the season.

Seed Selection

First things first, if you don’t know where your giant pumpkin seed came from, then how do you know what the potential of your pumpkin could be?

If you have a competitive streak, and want to smash the competition get some good seed. Good genetics = a good pumpkin which = bigger pumpkins.

What I’m growing this Season

I don’t have an exact seed in mind right now as I write this so can’t give you a number or a grower just yet.

But what I do have is two options to pick from:

Big and White or Big and Orange
People love orange pumpkins. This is what they picture in their head when they think about a giant pumpkin.

Not the big white pale looking pumpkins.

The biggest pumpkin in the world and here in NZ are the pale white type, while there are some massive orange ones out there and people are doing more crosses between them, the genetics for weight seem to come with the pale colour.

You Might Not Have a Choice

You might have to enter with an official seed or seedling, hopefully the organisers have sourced the right seed for you.

I’m Going Orange

I know I’m growing in a stupidly small space, but I’m dealing with what I have. This year I’m going to grow something nice and orange. With the limited space, and nutrients available to my plant, no matter what I grow I think it can only get to a certain size.

Last years pumpkin came in at 92kg, which I was really happy about. But this season I want to get a pumpkin over 150kg. Can I do that? Maybe.

Everything has to go right for this season for that to happen, and I’m looking into different products I can use to improve the nutrients in the tiny patch right now.

Seeds Available

If your wanting to grow and haven’t got seeds yet, make sure to check out what’s available in the online shop, I’ve got a bunch of different ones there.

Also if you are wanting a nice flat bottom to your pumpkin, and need something for your pumpkin to grow on you can’t go wrong with a piece of mill fabric, this is also listed in the shop.

And I’ll be continuing the discussion around my seed options and what I am going to pick in the forum, it’s free to sign up, so make sure to check that out.

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