Put in the Work, Get the Results

Simple concept. Hard one to master.

Giant pumpkin growing is no different. I’ve been thinking about this the past week, no matter what area of life you want to talk about it holds true.

There is No Quick Fix

I’ve been working on helping someone out with their project this last week. The reason is I believe in their ability and what they can achieve. But they didn’t have the right setup and things in place.

Giant pumpkin growing is the same. Most of the time and you will agree the growers that put in the most work, have some of the best results ever.

While there out outliers who have a lucky break and things work out well. The majority of people put in the hard work. If you want really big giant pumpkins YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK.

Be Consistent

I read something the other day and it went like this:

Being consistently average all the time outshines being amazing a couple of times.

This resonated with me. Being consistent is something I try to do as much as I can. It can be hard. That’s why I write these blog posts every week now, it keeps my head in the giant pumpkin growing frame of mind. Even if it is our off season.

Building on what you did the day before will give you great results.

Where I Drop the Ball

I would be making more content, more updates and better results if I had actual land to grow a giant pumpkin on. Something I need to work on achieving and something that is important to me. But… I’ve still got a lot of pumpkin growing years left in me, so right now it is what it is.

Another area I fluctuate in is social media. It can sometimes be easy thinking that spending all this time on social media is giving you some sort of pay off. I’m not so sure of that some days.

Working on other areas is more important. But, I’m sure that will change once the growing season kicks off again.

What Can You Do?

  • Be consistent
  • Put in as much work as you can throughout the season
  • Have the mindset of growth, keep building upon what you know and do

Get the results you want.

This year in particular, I’ve had more people want seeds very early. I hope they have done the research and know we don’t start growing until October.

But it’s great to see people keen. I hope the NZ record gets beaten in 2021. Time will tell.

I am confident in saying that whoever does beat the record, will have put in a lot of work.

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