Dealing With Tree Stumps

Trees are great.

Until they aren’t. Tree stumps can be a pain when you want to grow a giant pumpkin in the same area.

In this post I’m talking about the tree stump situation in the tiny patch 2.0 and what I’m attempting to do.

How the Place Use to Be

When we viewed the place before we moved in you couldn’t even see the back yard.

It was an overgrown mess of trees and bushes.

When we moved in. We learned there was a bit of space out the back.

The landlord had cut down every single tree. Much to the delight of the neighbors who now have more sunlight.

This was also great for me. More sunlight. And a place to grow pumpkins. Even if it is very small.

Lots of Stumps

With the removal of all these trees it meant there were a bunch of stumps left.

I’d prefer stumps over trees in this situation.

Last season I grew around them. This was the best course of action.

Remove Stumps Still Have the Roots

My plan moving forward is to try and get the stumps below ground level.

Usually you would use a stump grinder to achieve this. Which is something I’d do myself but…

  • The stump grinders you can hire wouldn’t be able to get up the back due to the 2 sets of stairs and narrow gates.
  • I don’t want to pay someone to do it. I’d rather use that money elsewhere as we rent this place.

I’ve decided to hack at them with borrowed chainsaw from Mum and Dad.

Even if the stumps are removed. Or ground down there is a large amount of roots in the soil.

Which can make digging and preparing the patch problematic.

The Progress so Far

The main stump I want removed is the one closest to the planting area.

I’ve chopped chunks of it off and lowered it’s height.

I’ve also chopped off side roots when I can. Sharpening the chain a lot as hitting dirt blunts it.

My goal is to keep hacking at it to remove as much of it as I can.

The large stump further out. The one the gnome hangs out on is pretty big.

It’s a bit of a mission to remove that one. So I cut it to make it shorter.

Working With What I’ve Got

Anyone that is growing in a tiny patch. Or in a backyard will have to deal with the limitations they have.

You can grow a giant pumpkin. Don’t let these things stop you.

You need to work with what you have.

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