Soil pH Testing the Tiny Patch 2.0

Why Check your Soil pH Level?

Different plants like different levels. Some like it more acidic, others like it more alkaline.

I go into it in further detail on the soil page of the How – To section of the website.

If your pH level is not ideal for the plant you are growing, they are going to struggle. Struggle with nutrients and be a poor performer during the growing season.

You really want to dial in the pH level and make sure it is ideal as you can make it for your pumpkins.

What is the Best Soil pH Level for Giant Pumpkins?

6.5 – 7.0 is considered good levels for giant pumpkins.

As you can see in this diagram, within those ranges a lot of the nutrients are available to plants.

Chart showing how soil ph can affect nutrient uptake

pH Testing Video

Check out this video to see how I got along with testing my soil.

It went well. I really should have removed a lot more of the junk from the soil. Using a sieve here would have been a good idea.

I hope your patch prep in the lead up to your growing season is going well. In the next blog post, I delve into what products I’ve added to the Tiny Patch 2.0


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