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Checking What Giant Pumpkin Growing Supplies I Have on Hand?

We’re still a couple of months away from being to grow pumpkins.

So we’re stuck looking at the growers diary’s over on or seeing the posts pop up in Facebook Groups like Back Yard Giant Pumpkin Growers or Giant Pumpkin Growers

But now is a great time to check what you have on hand. And what you may need for the upcoming season.

No matter the size of your pumpkin patch.

Let’s find out what I’ve got for the upcoming season in the Tiny Patch 2.0.

Hopefully it gives you some ideas or at least gets you thinking about the upcoming season.

What Growing Items do I Have on Hand?

Good question.

I’m going to break this down from the start of the giant pumpkin growing season to the end.

All the seed starting stuff is usually located downstairs in the garage.

All the outdoor growing items are located out in the garden shed with it’s broken hard to open door.

Seed Starting / Early Stage Giant Pumpkin Growing

I’m pretty happy with what I have for the seed starting stage of growth. Having upgraded things over the years.

On hand I have:

  • LED grow light
  • Heat pad
  • Thermostat for the heat pad
  • Various pots
  • Random seeds

What I need to get:

  • Seed raising mix
  • Mycho

Don’t really need anything to get started this season. Although amazing seeds from the US wouldn’t go astray.

You don’t need much to get seeds started. A lot of these things are nice to have. But not necessary if you are starting out.

Transplanting / Early Growth

On hand I have:

  • Biochar
  • Chirpalizer
  • Insect Frass
  • Basic plant protection

What I need to get:

  • More organic material. Compost etc.
  • Better shade / wind protection
  • Watering items / irrigation

Later Stage Growing

On hand I have:

  • Washed sand
  • Mill fabric

What I need to get:

  • More washed sand

What Other Items do I Want to Get?

I feel this is where it gets tricky with a tiny pumpkin patch.

There’s a balance between spending a lot of money and the results you can get. The small area will restrict what you can achieve.

I like to build upon what I have every year.

I’ll let you know in future blog posts what items I end up getting. Is there something I am missing? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Are you Prepared?

Are you prepared for the upcoming growing season?

If you’re unsure of the New Zealand Giant Pumpkin growing period head here to learn more.


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