Beni Meier 2323lb Pumpkin

Beni Meier World Record Giant Pumpkin Holder 2323 Pounds

Beni Meier has done something amazing this season for giant pumpkins.  He has pushed the limits to what was thought possible and has managed to break the world record 3 times in as many weeks.

How they weighed up

First off Beni produced a 2096.6 (951kg)

Benis Meiers 2096.6

Next up was his 2102lb monster (953.5kg)

Beni Meier 2102lb Pumpkin

And finally Beni saved the best for last and broke the metric ton with a pumpkin weighing in at 2323.7 (1054kg’s)

Beni Meier 2323

A massive congratulations to Beni and the results he has achieved this growing season.

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