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What Giant Pumpkin Events are Happening in 2020?

You might be wondering why I am asking this question at this time of the year?

Well there are a couple of reasons which I’ll explain, and these are important for both growers and organisers of events, so pass this along to anyone that wants the edge on the upcoming giant pumpkin season.

Know Where to Enter

Firstly do you know where your local competition is? Is there one, or maybe there are a couple you could enter.

Know the end to work out the start

Once you know when the competition is then you can work backwards and work out the best time to start growing, this is important information for you the grower, and also for competition organisers. Check out the Lifecycle of a Giant Pumpkin Page for more info

If you are organising an event, make sure to let people know when to plant, or get those seedlings ready if you are supplying them.

Event Listing

Most events let their local communities know what is happening, and I put out a list of events that are happening early in the year, this is last years list.

This is mainly for people who have a pumpkin and no idea where to take it, I also use it to help plan my pumpkin travels for the year.

So far I know The Great Pumpkin Carnival, Bushmere Arms and the Marton Harvest Festival are down for the 29th of March 2020. That cuts out a Gisborne or Marton trip for me, as these events think along the same lines, and manage to be between easter and school holidays.

Let me Know about your Event

If you are running an event please let me know your details so I can add them to the 2020 giant pumpkin events list.

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