Start Getting People Excited About Giant Pumpkin Growing

Now is the time to get people excited about growing giant pumpkins.

With the 2021 growing season fast approaching have you got people to grow with/against? Growing with or against other people you know brings another dimension to growing. Giant pumpkins or something else. Having a competition among your friends, family or work colleagues can be very rewarding.

Why Get Other People Excited about Growing Giant Pumpkins?

People don’t know what they don’t know. People might not know it is almost giant pumpkin growing time. They may also not realise how much fun it is growing a giant pumpkin, no matter their age.

Having people you know growing can be a lot of fun. A friendly competition, the banter during the season and finding out who can walk the walk and grow the largest pumpkin.

How to Get People Excited about Growing Giant Pumpkins

Tell them about the giant pumpkins. Even if you are new to this, talk about it. Show your enthusiasm. Tell them the NZ record is 808kg, the world record is 1190. Show them photos.

A quick Google search for giant pumpkins will show you some amazing photos. Keep up the reminders.

What Happens if they aren’t Keen?

And if they have excuses, point them to the top 10 reasons to grow a giant pumpkin.

Of course you will have people that won’t try for various reasons, only you will know if they are worth pursuing further. But there will be people that take up the challenge.

How to Grow Together

Once you have rounded up everyone that is keen to grow a giant pumpkin with you during the 2021 season here are some things to think about.

  • Making sure you have giant pumpkin seeds
  • Starting seedlings and distributing them is the best idea, everyone will have an even start
  • Is there going to be a competition? You can have your own one, or take them to a local competition if you have one.
  • While weighing them is the best option, not everyone can do this. If you can’t make sure to read up on pumpkin weight estimation.
  • Will you have a prize? A friendly wager can help people during the season
  • Will you keep each other updated on your progress? You can achieve this via email, Facebook group or in person. How about patch tours during the season? Find out what everyone is up to and what works for your group.

Remember to Have Fun

No matter how the season turns out, or whoever achieves the greatest result, remember to have fun.

Growing giant pumpkins is a fun activity for everyone and it’s great to see new growers having a crack every year. You never know how giant your pumpkin can grow.

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