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New Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Calculator

When you are growing a giant pumpkin you can estimate your giant pumpkins weight by taking 3 measurements and refer to a chart to give you the estimate of your pumpkins weight.

OTT Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation

This method is called the OTT method (Over the Top) I have more information on taking those measurements which can be found right here

This method and charts has been used for many years, the charts get updated every now and then. The most commonly used chart these days is the 2017 chart.

Calculator Up Close

Growers always wonder if their pumpkin will go heavier or lighter than the estimate, then surmise why there was a difference between the two.

I’ve seen pumpkins go either way and seen some that were exactly what the estimate told them. The trick is to remember it is only an estimate, you won’t know how the pumpkin grew on the inside until you cut it open. And you don’t want to be doing that before you weight it.

The New Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Calculator

With the weight charts you either have to use the metric one if you measure in CM’s or the imperial one in Inches.

And while we here in NZ do most things with metric, dealing with imperial can make it easy when talking to growers in other parts of the world.

I find converting between them a pain sometimes.  So I’ve decided to make a new weight calculator that everyone can use.

The Features of the Giant Pumpkin Weight Calculator

  • You can pick either metric or imperial measurements
  • Adding your measurements will give you an estimate straight away
  • You will get both metric and imperial estimates at the same time
  • Shows you how far away you are from the NZ and World record
  • You can print a summary if you’d like
  • Mobile friendly

The Calculator


Mobile Version – Save Shortcut to your Phones Homepage

I’ve even made a slimmed down website page with just the calculator on it which you can visit on your phone’s internet browser by going to: which will take you to it.

Once there on on your phone you can save the website link as a shortcut to your phones homepage by going into the browser options and selecting save as shortcut.

What Else Would you Like?

I’m always on the look out to find things I can create to help giant pumpkin growers achieve their goals.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see?

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