Back in 2014, I created a free document to help people that wanted to run their own giant pumpkin event. Over 60 awesome people have downloaded this, and hopefully, it has helped many people with their events.

Now it’s time for an update to that document, if you have signed up for the guide you will have the new parts sent to you and they will be in your inbox.

If you haven’t got your free guide to running a giant pumpkin event, you can sign up below and get your hands on the free guide.

What’s New

In this version, there are extra sections on:

  • Money and how to handle it
  • More ideas for activities
  • Volunteers
  • Submitting event results
  • Listing your event

The guide now reflects a lot of what you need to know about running an event, but there can always be improvements or information added.

Is there something you would like to know more about regarding running an event?

Please let me know by contacting me via the contact page.

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