Transplanting Giant Pumpkin Seedling 2022 Season

In the last blog post I covered hardening off the seedlings.

The seedling I went with was one of the 2 random pumpkin seeds. These were from Tim, but are unknown what exactly they were.

All the other ones just have poor growth, it’s best to go with the most vigorous to have the best chance. Because I am growing in such a small area, this works out OK.

Now it’s time to get the chosen one out into the tiny pumpkin patch 2.0. There’s a couple of things to think about at this stage of the season.

  • Pest control
  • Weather

Pest Control

For most this will be slugs and snails, but could also include cats, dogs, or any other animal.

For me it’s slugs and snails, I’ve put down some slug and snail bait, which works well in my situation.


Wind is my biggest concern right now. I managed to pick up this pop up plant protector thing from Bunnings. It works well.

Originally I didn’t have anything to hold it in place, and I thought I could just bury the bottom of it. But then I found I had fibreglass rods left over from the OG Tiny Patch. So they seem to have worked well.

The lid can be zipped off the top of the pop up protector allowing the plant to not cook in warm weather.

In this video I talk about how to work out which way the vine goes, and just how important that is when transplanting a seedling.

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2 years ago

Looks good Sam, I’ve got two seedlings out down here in Christchurch. A 596 (thanks!) and one from Kings. Weather’s been reasonably good so far. Fingers crossed for a good year!

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