Hopefully you can read this post fine, I had a technical hiccup yesterday, which resulted in the website not being available for most of the day.  I somehow forgot to pay for the domain name, and it lapsed over at 1am in the morning, luckily someone told me the site was down, a quick payment and everything is all good now.

Seedling Update

I have had one seed not grow at all, so the two seedlings I have at the moment are both from the same pumpkin.  I have put down the couple from Mitre 10 and am hoping to cross them with the other ones.

Either due to the seed, spot I am growing or just something else, they seem to be going really well, I am surprised to see how much they have grown.  Check out these photos of progress.

Hopefully all of this growth translates well to a good plant once I put them in the ground, and then into some awesome pumpkins, only time will tell, and whatever happens you can see the updates right here.

Lots of interest

Every year there seems to be more and more interest in the giant pumpkin growing, and this year is no different, a lot of people have been checking out the site, signing up to the newsletter, and also liking the Facebook page over here.

Not too much else to talk about in this update, but if you have any questions etc, feel free to get hold of me.  Remember to sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t, it’s nice and simple.

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