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Start of the Weigh off Season here in NZ

March is here and with that it means weigh offs will start happening here in NZ very soon. Check out the list of events for 2020 here.

It is an awesome time of the year. Seeing how everyone did, how many pumpkins are out there and all the good stuff that comes along with it.

We Lead the World

One more way the different hemispheres work is the fact that whatever is weighed in the Southern Hemisphere right now sets the stage for 2020. Then the rest of the world catches up around October.

Tiny Pumpkin Patch Update

There has been some more female flowers appear in the tiny patch, but all these pumpkins are aborting. I’m pretty certain the patch is over for the season. It had a good run.

Immature giant pumpkin in grass and mint

It ended up better than I thought it would at the start of the season.

Here is my Jack O Lantern pumpkin.

Jack O Lantern pumpkin standing up

Organising a Lot of Things

Currently I am organising things for the Carnival which is happening at the end of the month. Things are coming together.

One of the key things when organising an event like this is the ability to get help from people you have built relationships with in the past.

I’ll cover more about this and what it entails in a future post.

If you have a pumpkin no matter the size I hope it’s still growing. Or at least still keeping it together for whatever event you are entering.

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