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Start of the 2017 Season

Hi there

For some of you, your season started as soon as last years ended, for others you may not have thought about it at all and for some are probably midway between those two.

For me, it’s sort of starting now.

Sure I should have been doing a lot of things during the downtime, and I did, lots and lots of stuff, just not giant pumpkin related.

Things you should have sorted or be thinking about:

  • Patch location
  • Seeds

These are the main two things to think about if you are new to this. Make sure to check out the sections on the website talking about sourcing your seeds and information about the patch. The more work you can do now in preparation of your patch and soil, the better your results can be later on into the season.

Let people know

Every year there are people that come late to the season wishing they had known when it was about to start, make sure to let all the people you know that might be keen on growing a giant pumpkin, or showed an interest last season know that it’s about to start.

Giant Pumpkin Events

To all you organisers out there, let me know when your event is as soon as possible so I can get it up on the website.

For all the people out there that may be thinking about running a giant pumpkin event make sure to check out the guide to running a giant pumpkin event, it’s FREE and it will give you some ideas of things to think about

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