The plan for the pumpkin patch

Select your location for your pumpkin patch

For most people out there, the location for growing a giant pumpkin is usually any old place, where it is out of the way, or where there is spare space to put it. Which is fine, and is what I have done in the past, but what happens if you have a choice.

Things to think about when putting in a pumpkin patch

Making the choice of where to put your patch comes down to checking out a few things

  • Does the area get good sunlight
  • Is it protected from wind
  • Can I let the pumpkin grow there for the whole season, or do I need that space for something else
  • Is it out of the way of animals
  • Is it easy to get to for tending and for transport at the end of the season
  • Is there a water supply nearby
  • Is the location good at growing other things

As you can see there is a few things to think about, one that I have come across myself is, are you going to be in that location for the whole season. In my case I didn’t know I would be moving house mid season, which was a pain, but if you do know you are moving later on, is there any point in starting to grow?

So have a think about where you want to plant for this hers season, good planning at the start will pay off at the end of the season.  Here is a video of me talking about where I am going to be putting my patch, and why I have chosen that spot.

And with the magic of the computer, here is a basic plan of what I am going to try and do with this area.

Plan of area
The light green colour around the fence line is wind break to protect the plant, and the brown bit is obviously dirt, and the ideal location of the plant growing out.

Later on in the season, I will talk about prepping the ground, and covering soil testing

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