Uni-Ball Power Tank Pen – Blue 1.0mm


  • 1.0mm ball point
  • Blue Ink
  • Writes on wet surfaces
  • Writes on any angle

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Are You Sick of Pens that Stop Writing?

Having a pen stop writing when there is ink still available is frustrating.

You scribble with it, write on glass, rub it on your jeans.  No luck.

Do you have a spare pen on you?  Do you need to ask someone for one.  How annoying is this?

Get a Pen that Writes Every Time

The Uni Power Tank Pen is ready to write when you want it to every single time. The pen’s ink barrel is pressurised making sure the ink writes in any condition.

The pen can write upside down, write on wet surfaces and will work in temperatures as low as -20 degrees celcius  This pen has a 1.0mm ballpoint which writes smoothly.

After using this pen, others will feel inferior. This is sure to be one of your favourite writing devices.

Ideal for taking notes anywhere.  Including the giant pumpkin patch.

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