Product Review – Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets

This year I have decided to try out some Jiffy peat pellets I found in the shed, my flatmate uses them for when she starts off cucumbers and other vegetables.

Jiffy Peat Pellets

Jiffy peat pot back label

The idea behind the little round disk is actually a very compacted piece of  peat, and once left in some lukewarm water expands and provides you with place you place your seed.  Like a little ready made container that helps with transplant shock and apparently helps with growth starting.

Jiffy Peat Pot after being in the water

Putting into some lukewarm water for a couple of minutes is all that is needed to transform them.

Jiffy Peat Pellet before and after

The great thing I liked about them is that they can be used just by themselves as the actual pot, and then transferred straight into the garden, or you can then put the Jiffy peat pellet into a bigger pot, something I will do as a giant pumpkin seed takes up quite a lot of room inside one of these, and before long will outgrow it.

Where can you get them from?

You can get them from a large range of places and in varying quantities at pretty good prices, just Google search for them in NZ and you will come across a bunch of place.  Also don’t forget to check out Trademe as well.


I like the concept of them and can see how they would be great for a bunch of different seeds, how well they work for giant pumpkins i’m a little bit unsure of at this point in time, but I will do an update on how they performed.

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