A very cool lady by the name of Daria Matza has started a Kickstarter to help finish off her movie, Rise of the Giants.

A feature length documentary following the 2013 race to grow the worlds largest pumpkin.

Here is the trailer:

What is kickstarter

If you don’t know what a kickstarter is i’ll give you the very brief overview. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website. What that means is that people have a project or idea which could range from somethinbg arty, an invention or anything really. They state what it is they are trying to achieve and how much they need.

Then you can donate to the project, there are usually different levels of money you can donate and each level gives you more and more bonuses as you give more money. Once the project reaches it’s target within the time frame (usually a month) then they take your money.

More about the project

Daria has followed the 2013 growing season and spoken to a bunch of the biggest names in giant pumpkin growing.

This is what the funds will be used for:

1. HOWARD DILL FARM An expedition to Nova Scotia to document where Giant Pumpkin growing began: Howard Dill’s Farm. We’ve been invited by Howard’s son to come to the farm for an exclusive look at archival scrapbooks and photos.

2. POST-PRODUCTION The rest of the funds will be used to finish editing, purchase music rights, get great motion graphics, sound mixing and final color mastering and marketing the film to attract the best buyer to get this film out to the world.

Really hope this gets backed as I think this will be an awesome story to watch.  Check out the Kickstarter page to see how you can help with it