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Items I need to buy for this upcoming Giant Pumpkin Season

I’ve been thinking about what I need for this upcoming pumpkin growing season. I’ve collected bits and pieces over the years but find I’m in a mad rush to find something and need to buy it.

Here is what is on my list so far:

Brass Hose Fittings
I got sick of plastic fittings breaking. I got 1 brass fitting last year and it was great, so am going to get a bunch more of those.

Seed Starting Mix
I usually get whatever is cheapest on the day. Not sure if any one product stands out above the rest to be honest.

Natures Way Organic Seed Raising Mix 15L

Bags of Compost
Having the bags to bury vines in the Tiny Patch worked well in the 2019 season. I’m going to have to get more bags to do more of this in the 2020 season.

I am always losing or misplacing pots not matter how hard I try to keep track of them.

So I’ll be getting some more of these, again I go with who has the best price. This time I might order them online.

Bamboo Stakes
These are used to help train the vine where to go, and with the tiny patch I don’t need many at all.

Irrigation Pipe
I saved all the bends, joiners etc from last year, but not the pipe.

Sprinkler or Mist Heads
I need to have a look to see what is out there. I’ve used both in the past and need to be mindful of powdery mildew.

With such a small area and lack of actual dirt I will probably be using more misters to help cool the plant.

Lawn sprinkler watering green lawn

Powdery Mildew Prevention Spray
I’ve got some, but need to see what else is out there that is less dangerous then the old product I have on hand.

Epsom Salts
Great to use for any Magnesium deficiency that crops up. Cheap and easy to apply.

What am I missing

Is there anything you can think of that I have missed or should look into?

What items are you getting this season?

Is there anything new you are wanting to try this season?

Let me know in the comments below.

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