The seedlings are all growing well, I have heaps of different stuff this year on the go.

So it is about time I put some thought into transplanting, and one thing that I didn’t really think about, but has become apparent that it might be an important thing to actually contemplate is SNAILS.

Lots of snails here

We have them everywhere, and they appear everywhere too, on the car, on the windows, all over the garden.  So many, I was sort of surprised, but I will be ready for them when transplanting happens.  Which should be this weekend if everything is going to plan.There are natural methods to removing snails, and not so natural methods, I should be using a mixture of both to keep them at bay from eating the seedlings, I will also need to put up a page all about this in the near future, I thought I had, but I must have mentioned it in an old video.

Whats happening with the video?

Talking about video, I will have a new video up in the next month or so, I am currently updating some of the equipment, and need to by an integral piece of it from the US, once I have that in my not so little giant pumpkin growing hands, expect some video of how things are going.  If you have anything you want to see in a video, let me know via the contact page.  You can check out all the past videos by following this link ->>

Expect more updates in the next couple of weeks as things start getting more interesting.