Selecting Your Giant Pumpkin Patch

Finding the best place to grow your giant pumpkins

What makes a good location for a giant pumpkin patch?

  • Has level ground
  • Gets good sunlight
  • Has good drainage
  • Easy to access

What area can I grow a giant pumpkin in?

Well, the answer to that is, anywhere.  Anywhere you have spare space.  Of course, the bigger the area the better as the vines can take up a lot of room.  If you do only have a small area available to grow them don’t let this put you off.  I have grown them in a very small area and have had good results.


Consider the Following for your Patch

If you have a location picked out, make sure to think about these as well

  • Try and get a location where the ground is level – You don’t want your pumpkin rolling down a hill, or ripping/breaking vines.
  • A location that can get full sunlight throughout the day is best.
  • A place that has had good organic material already broken down is an ideal spot
  • How easy it is to access, for moving and tending to the plant
  • How close you are to a water supply
  • Are you able to provide shade to the fruit later on in the season?
  • Will the vines get in the way, or take over other plants?
These are all important things to think about before planting as once it is in the ground you are usually committed to that location, unless, of course you rip the plant out.

I’ve known some people who have planted giant pumpkins into a container or an old water trough, I’d advise against this as the roots have nowhere to go really and will become root bound causing the plant not to grow at it’s best.  A better option would be to plant them in a normal garden, even if it is small and prune the vines as they grow.

Once you have worked all this out, the next thing to think about is making sure the soil is all prepared before planting,