Pruning the Vines

Why you Bury Vines, and Different Vine Patterns
At this stage of the the pumpkin life, vine burying and pruning will keep you busy every day as the vines start spreading out across the patch at a great rate of speed.

There are different strategies to how to have your pumpkin plant forming in the patch, but the main idea is to have a root system that is as large as possible behind the pumpkin

Burying the vine

As the vine grows out burying of the vine can occur.  Burying it where the leaf forms on the vine helps anchor the plant and prevent damage from wind by making it another anchor point on the plant, any new growth from these points should be pinched off.

How to help train the vine

To help train the vine to go where you want it to go the use of small bamboo stake criss crossed over the plant will keep it in the right direction.  As the plant grows further out and is contact with the ground the stakes can be removed and that part of the plant buried.  Dead heading the vine at a predetermined length stops that growth and the plant will focus on the vines it already has.

Diagrams of pruning designs will be put up shortly on the site.