Harris Family Patch Update

I ventured out and checked up on what was going on over at Tim’s place yesterday, and depending on who I spoke to there were more important things growing there then what Tim had in his patch.

So first off here are Tim’s wife Mel’s miniature pumpkins, which were doing great and this is the first time she has grown these.




Next to take up the growing challenge is Alex, who at 7 has an awesome looking pumpkin and I know from last year that if  he wanted to grow one he had to do it himself, and he has, watering and taking care of the plant and taking measurements has been a daily thing.

I even saw Alex in one photo on Facebook applying liquid fertiliser with a backpack sprayer.  He tells me that his dad gives him some advice about what to do and it seems to be good advice by the looks of it.



And lastly we have what Tim has been up to, but I won’t start with the pumpkins, I’ll start with cabbage, giant cabbages.

IMG_0026 IMG_0027

They got away and are pretty much done for the season, but Tim is keen to try them again next year and see how big he can get those.

Giant watermelon were also on the cards this year but they didn’t perform and get as giant as they should, but there was a lot of vine all over the place with a couple of good sized melons hidden away in the sea of green.



And it’s hard to look past the giant pumpkin, all covered up by its sheet and with it’s shade cover over it.  It’s a common site at Tim’s place but must look very foreign to people who aren’t used to seeing giant pumpkins.




IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022

So it will be great to see what this giant weighs on the scales in just over two weeks time.

Once the season is over and everything has died down I will be putting together Tim’s data he has collected over the season into a downloadable PDF so everyone can check that out and compare with their own results.

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