Giant Pumpkins NZ Patch Update 02.02.2013

Hello here is an update of what has been happening in my little part of the world and more importantly what has been happening in the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkins are starting to grow
From my many advanced calculations I have 5 pumpkins at various stages starting to grow.  All of these are self pollinated as the two plants are the same and were just some totally random seeds that I wasn’t too worried about.  But they were the only ones that grew so will go with whatever I get.

Watering in this heat
While the weather sure has been nice it can sure take a toll on your pumpkin plants.  Some sort of watering is what the plants need, I’m currently watering every 2 – 3 days as we are on tank supply.  If I was to water every day like I would like to there could be problems for the rest of the house.

But if advertising is correct the radio adverts talking about watering every second day means the plants root system is getting bigger and stronger and the plant is coping better with the heat, we will have to see.

I do need to start applying the liquid seaweed fert soon, but with my sore leg I’m not looking forward to getting the backpack sprayer on, the joys of getting older every year.

The pumpkins
Here are the photos I took about half an hour ago of the pumpkins in varying degrees of growth.

Biggest pumpkin so far in the patch
This is currently the biggest pumpkin I have growing, it is located right in the centre of the plant but I don’t like the look of the very small vine it is attached to.


The best option for a pumpkin so far
This is the one I like the look of the most, it is around 2m out from the centre of the plant and is attached to a very large strong looking vine. I am hoping it will grow through to being ‘set’ and do great things.

The one above also seems to be on the better plant, with nice looking leaves and great looking vines, here is a shot of how it has grown out in the patch.

There are a few smaller ones growing as well, one of them looks like it will start rotting soon due to a mark on its skin, but I am seeing how that goes, and not making a decision on any of them until all the pumpkins have grown much larger.

So there we go, that’s what is happening here so far, how are things going for you so far this year?

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