Want to Run a Great Giant Pumpkin Competition?

Giant pumpkins are the king of the vegetable world. Nothing grows as big and heavy.

They capture people’s imagination. Delight young and old and can be the start of a great event or be incorporated into an existing event.

A giant pumpkin competition can work for schools, communities, friends, neighbors and work colleagues.


Some of the benefits of running a giant pumpkin competition are:

  • Fun for all ages
  • Can be used to help raise funds
  • A great event to get community engagement

I’ve been to many giant pumpkin competitions around the country. And I help organise one of the biggest.

There are lots of lessons I wish I had learned early on.

What if all the lessons and ideas learned from many years of pumpkin competitions were available to you? For FREE.

Starting a competition from scratch is never easy. Maybe you are wanting ideas for your existing competition/event.

Wherever you are in your giant pumpkin journey I can help.

I’ve put together this guide on running a giant pumpkin competition. 30+ pages of information. Covering such topics as:

  • Timing of your event
  • Seeds VS Seedlings
  • The type of seeds you need
  • Competition categories
  • Making money
  • Equipment needed
  • Registration

Plus much more

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to run a giant pumpkin competition this guide will help answer your questions.

And if you still have questions after reading the guide. Feel free to get in contact to discuss your event.

While this guide is primarily written for a New Zealand audience. A lot of the information can be used or modified for other parts of the world.

Grab your FREE copy now by entering your details below.

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Free Guide to Running a Giant Pumpkin Competition