Free resources to help you during your giant pumpkin growing season.

The One Page Starter Guide for Giant Pumpkins

Want a kick start to your giant pumpkin growing knowledge on one page?  I’ve created the One Page Starter Guide for Giant Pumpkins.

Great for new growers this new and updated version of the guide helps you think about different aspects of the giant pumpkin growing journey, and points you to resources on the website.


Giant Pumpkin Growers Data

Want to see the data and products it takes to grow a pumpkin over 700kg?  In 2015 Aarron Akkerman and Tim Harris both broke the NZ record.  They tracked their data and I’ve compiled it for you.

This information gives you an insight into what it takes to grow a giant pumpkin that large.  It also gives you key dates different things happened in the pumpkins life, and weight estimation through the season.

Giant Pumpkin Tracking Sheet

Keeping track of your giant pumpkins growth and key dates during the season will help you plan and understand how things are going in following years.

I’ve put together a tracking sheet to help you note down important dates, and to track your OTT weight estimation during the growing season.

It’s available in PDF or Excel versions.

Free Guide to Running a Giant Pumpkin Event

Want to run your own giant pumpkin event?  Or have more ideas around pumpkin events?  I’ve got the guide for you, it’s packed full of information and ideas to help you run a successful giant pumpkin event.

You can find out what is included by clicking HERE

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