Crazy Wind and Rain + Vlog Episode 7

Another Christmas and New Years and another year to look forward too.  2018 is going to be a great year, not because I’m wishing it will be, I’m going to make it a great year.

My Christmas was good, I spent time with my family and one of my cousins was over from the UK so was good to catch up with them.

New Years was a quiet affair, because I worked right through it.  While that might not sound like fun at all for some people, it does mean I get more stat days and money.


Well I missed some of the pumpkins I could have hand pollinated, and the bees have helped me out instead.  I could still have a chance to hand pollinate later though. Having some is better than nothing when you are in the worlds smallest giant pumpkin patch.


The timer worked well when I was away, but during the super hot days in the afternoon my plants were struggling.

I did buy myself a watering wand which makes watering by hand a lot easier. Especially when there isn’t much room to move around the plant.

Not being able to bury the vines due to them growing over concrete paving stones does not help either.

So as I’m away again next week, I am extending out the micro irrigation. I’m using these risers to cool the leaves off during the heat of the day, all while keeping powdery mildew at bay.  I worked out a way of standing them up with the lack of actual dirt.

The Weather

Well we have had extremes on the weather front, a nice hot start to summer and recently crazy rain and wind.

My plants were getting stressed due to the heat, and then all the rain came.

I thought the wind wasn’t affecting my plant at all,  as it’s sheltered by the house and the wall seemed to be helping.  Until the wind came from the other direction, then the plant got hit hard.

The plant seems OK, but I know Tim had to deal with his plants getting hammered and tit took a toll on trees around his farm.

Time will tell on how well his plant bounces back, but if anyone can turn them around it will be Tim.

GPNZ Vlog EP 7

Check out the video to see how crazy the wind was here, and how much the plants bounc back with the misters on them.

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