Busy busy busy – An update

With only one week to go until The Great Pumpkin Carnival it has been hectic around here.

Lifting Rig

First off I got the lifting rig finished, I had the frame for a little while but just got the straps which turned out to be way cheaper then expected.  I was a little bit paranoid about the whole thing so went out to Tim’s and we lifted 500kg’s worth of fertiliser with it no worries.

Lifting Frame ready to go

Lifting some weight with the lifting rig

Schools and pumpkins

I also went and checked on Hukanui school and their pumpkins this week as I took one for the guess the weight pumpkin which is currently sitting at the information centre at Hamilton Gardens if you want to have a guess at what it weighs.

Hukanuis School Pumpkin

Exciting stuff happening

And the really exciting thing this week is that on Tuesday, the 25th in two days time Tim will be taking some of his smaller pumpkins, 550, and 450ish to the Hamilton Gardens at around 2pm, where we will be turning it into a boat for him to paddle around in, if we manage to not destroy the pumpkin and get it to float and we have time we will convert the second one into a boat and I’ll have a paddle against him.

All really exciting stuff as this has not been done before in NZ, and we will have Campbell Live there and One News and some other media, all of which I will link to, plus expect photos as I have Gareth roped in to help us out as well.

GPC Awards Turned up

Seeing as we are registered with the GPC this year, we got a bunch of awards to hand out and man are they impressive looking.  Might not be able to give out everyone as there are a couple we might not have turn up, but well worth it.  Looking forward to seeing the people get them.

Photo 21-03-14 10 43 24 am_result

Photo 21-03-14 10 43 30 am_result

So there go, there is more to do and sort out and I better do that now.

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